Computer Services
Type of Repair Description Estimated Time Price
Front Desk Quick Fix Fixing simple problems like Email not working, or that a program does not work 15 Minute $25.00
Diagnostics A diagnoses of hardware or software to determine what is causing problems and how to fix them if possible 1 Day $75.00
Media Services A back up of data and/or transfer of Data like Documents, Music, Pictures, or Videos. 1 - 2 Days $75.00
Set Up Setting up of a device or software 1 Day $75.00
Minor Hardware Installation or removal of hardware with minimal disassembly required 1 Day $125.00
Tune Up Clean up of software inside a computer and removal of bad programs(Includes "Diagnostics") 2 - 3 Days $125.00
Malware Removal Removal of Malicious software from computer(Includes "Tune Up") 2 - 4 Days $125.00
Major Hardware Installation or removal of hardware with a lot of disassembly required 3 - 5 Days $150.00
Virus Removal Removal of Viruses from computer(Includes "Malware Removal") 3 - 5 Days $150.00
Estimated Time is not exact and many variables can change the Estimated Time. Computer parts are not included with the Prices listed above
New systems (Starting at $450.00 USD)

Why buy a custom built computer system from Computers Unlimited? Most disposable systems such as Dell, Compaq, HP, and Sony are built on a massive scale with all critical components built into a single non-upgradeable circuit board (called a motherboard). Replacement motherboards usually will not fit into these prefabricated cases. Replacement parts are proprietary and can only be purchased from the original manufacturer at an exorbitant price and a great inconvenience.

Conversely, Computers Unlimited systems are built entirely with components that may be replaced or upgraded with your choice of the latest reliable cost effective or high performance parts. Our systems will give you many years of reliable service and will scale to grow with your needs. Call us today or come in for assistance in choosing the right system for you.

*All new systems are designed for use with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium. Other versions are available upon request.

Used systems (Starting at $200.00 USD)

Refurbished, tested, ready to use computers starting at $150. Rebuilt machines are available with most of the same options as new PC's, within the restrictions of the machines technology. These computers generally come with the WindowsXP, Vista, or 7 operating system. Upgrades can usually be obtained for rebuilt systems provided the system meets certain prerequisites. Availability of used parts varies. Please contact us for availability information.

Starting at $150: Pentium 4 equivalent, typically 1-2 GB RAM, 40-120 GB HDD, and DVD ROM.* All used systems come with the highest connectivity hardware for its era including: PS/2 and/or USB mouse support. Cabling, keyboards, and mice (available upon request). Microsoft Windows XP (Xp is not supported any more) or Microsoft Windows Vista, or Windows 7 or Windows 8. Current Anti-Spyware and anti-virus software. USB capability* (for printers, joysticks, keyboards, and more). Network interface card (for high speed network connectivity). RCA composite outputs* (for VCR recording and playback, or to use a television set in place of your monitor).

*subject to availability of parts and exact system specifications of available parts. available on most systems.