New and Rebuilt systems:
If you purchased a computer from us and are experiencing problems please bring the computer, without any cables or accessories, to our office. For non critical problems you may be able to correspond with us via e-mail or telephone. Also, we have a support forum where our techs and customers will be able to correspond about problems. Many will find the answers they need there.
The warranty's on the Dragon Computer Systems are as follows:
New systems: 1yr parts and labor, 90 days software.
Refurb Systems: 30 days total.
Our high quality new computer systems are built with the best in current computer technology, the name brand manufacturers that provide our parts warranty many individual components beyond our standard one year warranty. For example, the RAM(memory) in a new SunDragon system has a limited lifetime warranty, and the AMD processor has a limited 3 year warranty.
Telephone Support:
When calling us for technical support you must realize that you are talking to actual technicians. They are not paid for time they spend helping customers on the telephone. Telephone calls should generally be limited to five minutes. If suggestions from the first five minutes are not helpful, you should bring your equipment to our office for us to diagnose.
Customer Utilities:
WebMail or WebMail -Many prefer reading their e-mail on-line because you are less likely to download an email virus through a web-mail system. To log in type your full email address (ex:, enter your password, and click "OK" then click "Login". In the options for this web email client are many customizations and settings.
Through the options settings you can completely control how the interface works and looks. This web mail also has many features such as a calendar, tasks, news subscriptions, and notes that you may use. Some web browsers may have difficulty using the standard web mail system.
Businesses need computers nowadays to run efficently and after time those computers need to get updated. Come in and sit down with us and we can plan out what you need in a computer and how many you need. We will build you as many computers you need to get your busness off the ground or back in action.
Support FAQ and Policies:
  1. Standard warranty period on new SunDragon PCs start at 1 Year for parts and labor. One additional year of support can be purchased for a fee equal to 1.5 labor-hours.
  2. No warranty on software work will extend beyond 30 days, nor are we responsible to damage done after that time.
  3. Warranties are not made on used equipment, with the exception of refurbished computer systems and monitors, which are guaranteed for 30 days.
  4. Warranties, support, and return policies for IBM, HP, Compaq, and Gateway computers are subject to the conditions of the manufacturer, and therefore standard computers unlimited policies may not necessarily apply.
  5. Customers should note that all internet subscriptions are on a recurring billing cycle. Accounts are not monitored for activity, and will not be disconnected automatically if it isn't being used. It is the customers responsibility to honor the balance on any internet bill that is left unattended.
  6. Subscription service billing dates are ALWAYS on the first for any service that we provide you. Billing dates for services purchased from partner companies (Not Computers Unlimited or may vary.
  7. Click here to view our wireless internet subscriber service agreement.
  8. Equipment that resides at our office for greater than 30 days, without prior agreement, will become the property of the store or resold. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owner of the equipment before such action takes place.
  9. Wireless equipment will be purchased back from the customer if service cannot be provided at the level that was agreed to. If the service fails or we are otherwise unable to complete the installation a full refund will be credited to your account. However if the provider determines that the connection to the customer premise equipment (CPE) is adequate to supply the purchased connection speed, then a restocking fee will be applied. Wireless CPE devices are subject to high rate depreciation, this will be reflected in any returns made.