Computer Service Agreement

2-5 Business days from start of work may be require to complete each service contract, slower computer and multiple profiles WILL increase the time needed for repairs.Emergency jobs may be contracted and will require an additional fee of a minimum $75.00

(1) Computers Unlimited of Zephyrhills and all its subsidiaries are not responsible for: replacing after-market software, or data loss when repairing any system or completing system upgrade: or any case of sudden hardware failure.
(2) Deposits made on computer systems are considered a contract for said computer
(3) Deposits are non-refundable and failure to pay balanced is considered a breach of contract
(4) No cash refunds on products or service
(5) New computer warranties are for 1 year on parts and labor and 30 days on software; rebuilt computers are warranted for 30 days from date of receipt; used items carry no warranty
(6) Warranties exclude acts of god or damage caused by the owner of the computer
(7) If a computer is left here for 30 days or more, without being paid for, it becomes the property of computers unlimited
(8) Free telephone support is available for customers who have had labor work done; This phone support is limited to five minutes and we are not responsible for any damage you do to your equipment as a result of a telephone conversation with us.
(9) Work done on Windows XP machines will be warrantied any more after 04/08/2014. We are not responsible for any media you leave in or with your computer.
A contract will be signed when the computer is left that has everything above.